Spirituality and opportunities for spiritual development are woven into every aspect of our curriculum and daily school life. 

What is spirituality? 

Spirituality: How I relate to God, creation, my neighbour and myself.

We want the children in our school to experience a sense of awe and wonder as they grow in their awareness of things that are beyond the physical. We want them to be able to ask big questions, know that they belong, develop their understanding of belief- recognising and respecting other faiths and worldviews- and become a force for good in society.



Christians believe that God is three in one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God made everything .

Is there a God?
What is God like? 
Does God know me?
What does God say about me?
Is God just?






Christians believe that the world and everything in it is God’s good creation.

Did someone make the world?
Who designed the animals?
How can we look after our environment?
When are we tempted not to look after our world?
How do we need to change to look after our world?






Christians believe that God wants us to love our neighbour. We should care for everyone; especially those in need.

Who is my neighbour?
What can I do to help others?
What makes a good friend?
Who do I know who is in need?
Does equality mean treating everyone the same?






Christians believe that God made us all special and unique.

Am I important?
How do I know what is right and wrong?
Where does identity come from?
What do I love about myself?
What does God say about me?


Once children develop this understanding of spirituality, they realise they can find opportunities for spiritual development everywhere. From listening and empathising with others, asking questions about the world around us, listening to their favourite music, understanding what truly matters to them, looking after our environment or taking time to be thankful about who and what they have in life, all of these and more will help shape them and develop a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.


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