Design & Technology

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at West Didsbury CE Primary School

Design & Technology is a ‘hands on’ subject where children research, evaluate, design and then make a certain product to a high standard. Learning is practical and purposeful: children make products that solve problems in a variety of contexts, taking in to account the requirements of a particular target audience. From Reception onwards, children learn in depth about structures, systems, food technology and textiles. Design & Technology draws on a broad range of other disciplines such as maths, science, computing and art.  

How do we teach Design and Technology?

Design & Technology is taught in alternate half terms with art. Children will complete an in-depth six-week unit on a particular area (either structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, food technology or computer-aided design). Over the course of the six weeks, they will analyse, design and make a product, ending with an evaluation of its effectiveness against their initial design brief. Textiles is taught over the course of a week in the summer term through the same approach. 

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