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Curriculum Design

at West Didsbury CE Primary School

PE makes a valuable contribution to pupils’ personal development and children’s understanding of how to live active, healthy lifestyles. Over the 7 year curriculum, children will learn games, athletics, gymnastics and dance. Each unit in PE is carefully designed to ensure that children can develop skills and competencies to enjoy and compete in a range of sports. We belong to a sporting city and make the most of the fantastic resources on our doorstep.   

Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils: 

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time;
  • engage in competitive sports and activities;
  • lead healthy, active lives. 


A spiral games curriculum, starting with the ABCs

Before children begin to learn the rules and tactics of our chosen sports, our Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum has a strong focus on multi-skills which are needed in all sports: Aglility, Balance, Coordination and Speed

They are integral to every physical skill. Different sports and activities highlight different physical skills, which is why it is so important to move in different ways and to engage in multi-sports. By the end of Key Stage 1, we aim for every child to be able to throw and catch in a range of ways, control a ball with their feet and know a range of rolls and balances on different points. The early PE curriculum ensures children are ready to begin our five sports in Key Stage 2: football, netball, hockey, tennis and cricket.

The National Curriculum for PE states the children should be taught invasion games, striking & fielding, net & wall and target games. By focussing on the same five sports in every year group, we can go into depth in the tactics and skills needed to excel in each game. In addition to games, children will learn about the following each year:


Our 7 year gymnastics curriculum is based on the award-winning Val Sabin scheme. Gymnastics is taught either by our specialist gym teacher or the class teacher. Our specialist teacher has also recorded videos of every roll, jump, balance and travel to support teachers and to demonstrate to children when needed. 


We follow the iMoves scheme for dance. Developed by dance and primary teaching experts, the scheme comes with detailed videos delivered by professional dancers to model the steps to certain dances. Children will learn dances such as Samba and Broadway as well as more expressive dances based around a theme. Children dance to high quality music from a range of cultures. 


Athletics is a highly inclusive sport, where every child can take part and be recognised for both their success and their own personal achievement. The skills of running, jumping, and throwing underpin almost every other sport and reinforce the children's competencies in agility, balance, coordination and speed. Athletics is taught in every year group by our professional sports coaches. 

Belonging to a sporting city

Belonging to a sporting city

We're proud to take part in Team MCR's INSPIRE sports tournaments. We compete in lots of competitions including football, netball, cross country, cricket, tennis and futsal. 

We have a wealth of resources on our doorstep and we regularly send groups to the Etihad training facilities, the Northern tennis centre, and a host of local leisure centres and playing fields to take part in intra school competitions.

We're really proud of the success our pupils have in these competitions. We often have teams get through to county and regional finals and these events provide really valuable experiences for those that take part.

School Games Mark

School Games Mark

The School Games Mark is a government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

Our sporting achievements this year include:

Cross country - Wythenshawe Park through to North West Finals
5/6 girls football competition Chorlton HS trophy winners!
5/6 boys futsal Platt fields
5/6 girls futsal Platt fields (trophy winners!)
Excel netball St Bedes - tournament winners
Y6 football at Etihad – Girl’s tournament winners 
Inspire netball St Bedes
Y5/6 Cricket competition at PWHS - Winners
Y6 boys and girls football against Cavendish
Manchester netball finals at Wright Robinson College
Y5/6 Cricket Manchester Finals
Ten pin bowling KS2 
Change for Life Festival KS2

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Pupils in Years 5 & 6 complete orienteering units based on plans from British Orienteering and Tri-O. We begin by learning basic orienteering skills within the school grounds and apply these to larger areas such as Fog Lane Park. We use the resources kindly made by the Friends of Fog Lane Park group. Children are tasked to find all of the control markers indicated on the map within a set time, with teams competing against each other to find all markers first.

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