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at West Didsbury CE Primary School

The PSHE curriculum at West Didsbury CE has been carefully designed to cater to the needs of our pupils and equip them with the skills and knowledge to become responsible, considerate and active citizens. Its aim is to provide children with knowledge and skills necessary to make well-informed and safe decisions, as outlined in the National Curriculum. The curriculum covers various areas, including mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, drug and alcohol education, financial education and relationships education (RSE). The curriculum, adapted from Manchester Healthy Schools’ iMatter scheme, emphasises the significance of physical activity and diet for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as per statutory guidance. While Citizenship is not a compulsory part of the curriculum, it holds a fundamental place in the PSHE curriculum at West Didsbury. Here, students learn about democracy, the rule of law, and the consequences of anti-social behaviour. Understanding these subjects is crucial for students to effectively navigate the changes, responsibilities, and challenges they may encounter throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

How do we teach PSHE?

PSHE is taught weekly by the class teacher in 5 of the 6 half terms of the year. For one half term a year, every class has a weekly Forest School session. The teambuilding, communication, and collaborative skills that children learn during these times make up part of our PSHE curriculum. We follow our adapted version of Manchester Healthy Schools’ iMatter curriculum. It covers 5 key strands: Relationships Education, Mental and Emotional Health, Keeping Safe, Healthy Lifestyles and Living in the Wider World. Relationships Education is always taught in the summer term. More information on the content of these lessons, as well as vocabulary lists, are sent home nearer the time. As well as teaching our pupils how to make decisions in order to live happy and healthy lives, pur PSHE lessons require pupils to develop strong skills in speaking and listening, cooperation, empathy and respect. 

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