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Curriculum Design

at West Didsbury CE Primary School

Our curriculum is based on Manchester Healthy Schools' iMatter scheme. The curriculum is separated into 5 distinct but related strands: Relationships, Keeping Safe, Healthy Lifestyles, Mental & Emotional Health and Living in the Wider World.

In EYFS, PSHE is taught through Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Understanding the World. The children will learn how to form positive relationships and they will develop in self-confidence and self-awareness. We teach the children how to manage their own behaviour, adjusting their behaviour to different situations and taking changes to routine in their stride. In Understanding the World, children learn about important members of society (i.e. police officers, nurses and firefighters) and through exposure to a broad selection of stories, non-fiction and pomes, they will foster an understanding of our culturally, socially and ecologically diverse world.

In Key Stage 1, children begin to identify different feelings and emotions and consider how their behaviour can impact on others. They discuss rules that keep them safe in familiar and unfamiliar environments and there is a strong focus on responsibility: our responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe and the importance of eating healthily and keeping clean. We consider the important relationships we have in our lives and we begin to learn about our right to privacy.

In Lower Key Stage 2, children continue to learn about managing their own feelings and how they impact on others. Within this, we discuss resilience and discrimination. We also begin to discuss bodily changes. We continue to learn about personal space whilst also considering what healthy relationships look like and how to recognise and tackle common stereotypes. In Healthy Lifestyles, we focus more on self-control, recognising harmful substances and understanding the harmful effects of smoke in the air.

In Upper Key Stage 2, we develop on prior learning in personal space and bodily changes by discussing unwanted touch and puberty. We learn about misleading body images, stereotyping, self-confidence and the positive and negative impacts the internet has on these. We learn about the links between mental and physical health, the harmful affects of drugs and how to manage peer pressure.  

Our PSHE curriculum is complemented by our reading spine which runs from Reception to Year 6. These books celebrate the diversity in our school and wider community and showcase positive role models that all our pupils will be able to relate to.

Our curriculum overview, along with a brief summary of the content covered within each unit, is outlined below:

  Relationships Education Mental & Emotional Health  Keeping Safe  Healthy Lifestyles  Living in the Wider World
Year 1 1) Who are the people in my life who love and care for me?
2) What are the differences and similarities between
3) What are the similarities between girls and boys?
1) What makes me happy?
What are feelings?
2) What is the difference between good secrets and bad secrets?
3) How does my behaviour affect others?
1) What are the rules for keeping me safe in familiar and unfamiliar environments?
2) What are rules about household substances?
3) What is an emergency and what do I do?
1) Where does food come from?
2) How do I look after my teeth?
3) How do I keep clean?
1) What are class rules? (British Values)
2) Where does our money come from?
3) What is the environment?
Year 2 1) What is private? (body parts)
2) What happens when the body grows young to old?
3) What is fair, unfair, kind and unkind? (friendship)
1) What is the difference between small feelings and big feelings?
2) How can I keep safe online?
3) What makes others happy?
What is the different between joking, teasing and bullying?
1) How do medicines help us when we are unwell?
2) How do I keep safe at home?
3) What is my responsibility for keeping myself and others safe?
1) Why do I eat?
2) Why should I be active?
3) How can I prevent diseases spreading?
1) What groups and communities am I a part of?
2) How do we make choices about spending money?
3) How can we look after the environment?
Year 3 1) What is personal space?
2) What does a healthy relationship look like?
3) Why is being equal important in relationships?
1) How do my feelings affect my behaviour? How can I manage my feelings?
2) What are the ways we communicate online?
3) What am I good at?
1) What happens when I breathe smoke in the air?
2) How do I recognise risks in my life?
3) What do I do in an emergency?
1) What is a healthy diet?
What is an unhealthy diet?
2) How do I keep safe in the sun?
3) Why is personal and oral hygiene important?
1) How do rules and law protect me?
2) What is the difference between my local British communities and global communities?
3) What are the links between work and money?
Year 4 1) What is diversity?
2) Tackling gender stereotypes.
3) What changes happen to my body?
1) What is resilience?
2) What does it mean to have responsibility over my choices and actions?
3) What is discrimination?
1) How do I manage risks in my life?
2) What is self-control?
3) What is the difference between legal and illegal drugs? Are all drugs harmful?
1) How do I make sure I get good quality sleep?
2) What is fuel for the body? Does all food provide the same amount?
3) How do I know if I’m physically ill?
1) What are the rights of the child?
2) How do we look after our money?
3) What is sustainability?
Year 5 1) What is puberty?
2) What are the different relationships in my life?
3) What is unwanted touch?
1) What is mental health?
2) How do I negotiate and compromise?
3) How do I stay safe on a mobile or tablet?
4) How can I be happy being me? (body image)
1) How do I respond to dares?
2) What are ‘habits’?
3) Who or what influences me?
1) How can we stop the spread of infection?
2) Why are vaccinations important?
3) Why is it important to know about nutritional content of food?
1) How and why do we make and change rules?
2) What is Fair Trade?
3) How can I combine sustainability with fair trade using my enterprise skills?
Year 6 1) What changes happen in my life?
2) What is diversity?
3) What happens in a loving relationship?
4) How is a baby made?
1) How can I challenge negative thoughts and feelings?
2) What is stereotyping?
3) How can the internet positively and negatively affect our mental health?
1) How do drugs affect the mind and body?
2) How do I manage peer pressure?
3) What are basic emergency first aid skills?
1) How is my mental and physical wellbeing connected?
2) How do I keep physically healthy?
3) Can I plan and prepare a healthy meal?
1) Why is it important to be critical of the media online and offline?
2) How do people manage money?
3) What do I want to be?
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