School of Sanctuary

We are proudly working towards becoming a School of Sanctuary. 

The Schools of Sanctuary network supports the thousands of children and young people seeking sanctuary in the UK, raises awareness of the experiences of people seeking safety, and plays a key role in building a culture of kindness and compassion.

Our vision of Belonging, Believing, Becoming is rooted in the Parable of the Mustard Seed – a plant that quite literally grew into a sanctuary. This is the vision that underpins our school ethos and culture and our aims align fundamentally with the Schools of Sanctuary mission:

·         We are an inclusive school, committed to welcoming and supporting all pupils

·         We aspire for all our pupils to achieve the very best outcomes

·         We remove barriers and build relationships with vulnerable families, understanding their circumstances and providing them with the right support

·         We aim for all of our children to be aware of the experiences of our school and wider community so that all our pupils grow and develop with kindness, compassion and a deep sense of social responsibility.

Successes so far:

·         Intervening with refugee accommodation providers and the local authority which ensured safe, lasting accommodation for one of our families

·         Collaborating with local schools to create a bank of resources to support new arrivals and pupils new to English

·         Establishing a Trust working group with representatives from every Thrive school to share best practice

·         Ensuring that children learn about the experiences of refugees and people fleeing danger within our curriculum

Whilst we work towards the Schools of Sanctuary award, we will continue to provide opportunities through our curriculum to learn about key issues surrounding sanctuary such as refuge, migration, diversity and inclusion.

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