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Knowledge Organisers

at West Didsbury CE Primary School

Knowledge organisers include the key information and vocabulary that are required to fully understand a topic. The information in the knowledge organisers are the minimum that should be known, rehearsed and, ultimately, remembered. It is a given that plenty of other technical vocabulary and facts will be encountered and learnt throughout the topic.

Pupils will benefit from learning some of this material ahead of time – by having an initial grounding in a topic, children will enter lessons more able to participate and will be more able to make links to prior learning.

This knowledge will only become embedded and stored in long-term memory if it’s revisited. An ideal way to reinforce this is through quizzing, incorporating the information from the knowledge organisers. The more often these are revisited in school and at home, the more rewarding it will be for pupils as they will see their progress over time. This helps build confidence and means that they are more likely to persevere with difficult material, realising it can be mastered over time.

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