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at West Didsbury CE Primary School

History is the story of humanity and we aim for children at West Didsbury to know that this story can be told in different ways. History is created from the evidence that remains but evidence can always be interpreted in differently. This is part of what makes history such a rich and fascinating subject.

History therefore is not just facts: it has its own distinct set of skills and concepts that must be taught to give children a ‘coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world’. We teach a broad range of topics from the Early Years onwards which aim to capture children’s interests and provide them with a sound basis of conceptual understanding and enquiry skills.

How do we teach History?

History is taught in alternate half terms with geography. Children will learn about a particular era for one hour each week through a series of enquiry questions. History is driven by enquiries. Our focused, specific, historically valid questions allow children to learn and interpret the past to gain a better understanding of it. The content of these lessons will always relate to our knowledge threads (see Curriculum Design) so children are continually building a more secure knowledge base, as well as gaining a greater understanding of history as a subject discipline.

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