The Literacy Trust school library research shows that school libraries have a positive impact on all areas of pupils’ learning, including the development of reading and writing skills, their wellbeing and overall academic attainment. Here at West Didsbury our school library contributes to the love of the reading culture.

Our library is stocked with a high range of high-quality texts and resources. Mrs Bull our resident librarian is font of book knowledge and along  with her library monitors helps to run and administer the library effectively. It has attractive displays of books and resources which are rotated throughout the year dependent on topics and current affairs.

Mrs Bull also offers excellent support to our teachers to ensure that the classroom libraries are stocked with appropriate books for their topics and that reading for pleasure books are fresh and rotated through the year.

Each class has a time-tabled time to visit the library each week to choose books to read at school or enjoy at home. Story time is often held in the library and children have the opportunities to snuggle up with book.


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“The library is the heart of the school, which itself has learning at its core...good libraries can empower the learner.”  DfES (2004)

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